Food Safety Service Training for the National Park Service

The National Park Service (NPS) operates and maintains approximately: 1700 potable drinking water systems, 1000 wastewater treatment facilities, an estimated 7000 onsite waste disposal facilities; regulates 500 food service operations; and provides innumerable water/wastewater/food service operations for backcountry NPS operations.

There are 1700 NPS employees handling an annual visitation of 270 million Park visitors. It is estimated that 1.5 million meals are served annually in the backcountry of the Colorado Plateau alone.

The National Park Service requires food safety training for its’ food service employees to reduce the risk of waterborne and foodborne illnesses and recognizes third party food safety training.

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To minimize the potential of a waterborne, foodborne or vectorborne disease outbreak, the Public Health Program of the National Park Service recommends the following minimum and suggested food safety training and/or certification requirements:

Park Concessions Staff

  • Food Safety Certification Course (16 hours)
  • Concessions Pricing and Evaluation

Food Concession Operators (Front and Backcountry)

Managers/Shift Supervisors:

  • Food Safety Course (16 hours)
  • HACCP Course (16 hours)
  • Kitchen Design Course (24 hours)
  • NPS Backcountry Sanitation Fact Sheet
  • Food Protection Manager Certification or
  • Certified Food Safety Professional Credentialing
  • HACCP Certification

Permanent Food Service Workers:

Seasonal Food Service Workers:

NPS Trail and Fire Crews Kitchen Staff


Source: National Park Service: