ANSI Accreditation Test

Different food preparation and service occupations require informal or formal training or a voluntary certification from a professional association.

There are basically two levels of food safety training. They are the employee level (Food Handler) and the manager level (Certified Food Manager (CFM)). The durations of the training or certification are based on the jurisdiction of employment and determined by the state or local health department.

Food Safety Manager ANSI Certification

A Food Manager Certification is designed for experienced professionals in the food service industry, such as owner, manager, person-in-charge (PIC), chef, cook, or any employee. To be certified as a food manager, the individual has to pass an accredited food safety examination – administered by a certification provider that is recognized by a state’s regulatory entity – to demonstrate that an individual has the knowledge, skills and abilities required to protect the public from foodborne illness.

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Our Learn2Serve Food Protection Manager Certification is approved by the American National Standards Institute and the Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP). This accredited exam is accepted in all states that have mandatory certification requirements for Food Management Professionals. A candidate must pass a food safety examination from an accredited certification provider as recognized by ANSI-CFP. The certificate will be valid for a maximum period of 5 years. The exam will be proctored by an employee at the 3rd party test center location.  A 3rd party test center is a location outside of your company location.

Before the Exam: To login into the exam you will need the username and password sent to you in the exam enrollment notice email. If you did not receive your username and password contact Customer Support at 855-796-3525. IMPORTANT: You must have your Username and Password available when you arrive to take the exam.

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